In these works, I decided to clarify my subject, and the visible artifact of my work, as the concrete evidence of the passage of time, by performing a series of drawings that would repeat and add through my custom of layering: I performed the first drawing on 6 sheets of paper at once, then the second action on the next 5, the third on the next 4, etc. Each layer, and each piece, was conceived to be both autonomous, and complementary to the previous and the ones after. The final drawing/collage contains all the previous ones in that title. Also, because color is so important in my work, I challenged myself by choosing to employ only whites, greys, and blacks.

1. "like a bird," #1 through #6, graphite, sumi ink, gouache, collage, acrylic paint, india ink, 15 x 11 inches each

2. "like an insect" #1 through #6, graphite, chalk pastel, gouache, sumi ink, India ink, acrylic paint, collage, 15 x 11 inches each